Monday, November 30, 2009

Jack Frost Pimp Slapped Me Today!

Son of a bitch it was cold this morning, I woke to find the first real frost of the year had settled on my jeep. A big middle finger from Jack Frost I suppose was in order as the first thing I said as I stepped out my door was “FUUHHHCCKKK K K K K!” My body wasn’t ready for the cold that struck it like a Mack Truck hitting a squire too dumb to get out of the way… wait that’s a bad analogy. More like the girl back in Wichita whom I had forgotten her name. I found out that night actually how strange that really is. It never seems so bad in the movies, but in real life… awkward! So in the spirit of the winter setting in finally I have updated my blog and I hope you like the newly upgraded fancy high tech super cool….. Ah crap I used a freaking free download program to change the page and make it look like it’s snowing. I figured I wouldn’t get away with the half naked strippers dancing on the page so this was the next best thing. A new post will be up soon, look for it in the next day or so!

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