Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not even four boobs could make me want to tip her.

Many of you have realized by now that I have had a few adventures and a couple encounters with the opposite sex. I find that I fair decently at attracting attention and maintaining said attention until I decide it’s time for it to end. Saturday night a couple of good friends were at my home for a visit, which turned into a few drinks, which turned into a trip to the local strip bar. As a man I have the primal urge to spend all of my paycheck to see girls get naked…. Oh wait no I don’t.

It started out as a simple conversation with Brandon and a good friend that went horribly wrong about two beers in. Our friend Seth announces that we are all going to the “titty bar”. Now the local den of sin is one of glitz and glamour… by glitz I mean sagging worn out boobs and by glamour I mean cheap watered down beer. Most strip bars you visit too be entertained by surgically enhanced girls with low self-esteem and major daddy issues. But this establishment specializes in finding the rejected women of a local meth house. These are the girls that allows you to see just how far the American dollar can get you, and it’s never pretty.

I walk into the dimly lit bar which I can only assume is dimly lit because the girls currently working were their A Team, the best looking ones they have. You see when the B Team is there the lights don’t really work at all. With the lights on I knew that at least I wouldn’t fall and stab myself with who knows what on the floor thus contracting some horrible disease that would require weekly treatments and a special commercial that I would be invited to participate in. One of those commercials where the good looking guy hooking his boat to the truck says “I have herpes, and I use herpaxil” or whatever the brand of drug they are promoting that week is on TBS. We order drinks immediately and start to medicate our eyesight. But before I could even finish my first beer a stripper who had no tits and a sagging stomach saunters over and says “wanna tip me for my dance?” I am an honest person and I sometimes realize that honesty isn’t the best policy. Well this wasn’t one of those times. I gave her a once over look and say “I haven’t drank enough to tip you.” Of course she was offended and says something to the effect of “what do you need to see four tits before you tip?” and without thought or hesitation I say “If you had four tits I might actually tip just to see how fucked up that would be. Plus it’s always better when I’m drunk enough to not know if you actually have four or not. Come back later.” She of course leaves rather agitated at my brutal honesty, I couldn’t care less. Brandon saw that had happened and was leaning back in his chair laughing at my tactical handling of the situation. Seth was slightly distracted as another young lady decided that he needed to tip her, now Seth not being the raging asshole that I am tipped the girl. Why he tipped her I am unsure, she had nothing worth paying for. Seth had more tit than this girl, and not to mention the fact that one of the first things out of this lady of the nights mouth was “I have three angels at home, I’m so proud of my cesarean scar.” I now needed more to drink and found only more watered down domestic beer. Being a bit of a beer snob I left the table to seek out a better brew only to be met by a bartender that could have passed as a midget but didn’t have any of the endearing features that I find so charmingly creepy about the little people. I ask for a Sam Addams? They don’t have it. (I am annoyed by now) Guinness? No. (I really want a dark beer and I am feeling the urge to beat the bar tender to death with the pour handle of Bud Light) Amber Bach? Not available. (I hate my life) “Dark beer? Yeah right! I’ve been asking the bosses to get any dark beer in here for over a year and they just keep bringing bud light” anger is the only thing I could feel at that moment. I was surrounded by half naked ugly girls that I would pay to for them put their clothes back on and I couldn’t even get a decent beer to distract me from fact that I was in possibly the shittiest strip club in America.

There are moments in ones life when a man is forced to take lemons and make… well, someone scream in pain by squeezing the juice into someone else’s eyes! I chose to make this one of those moments. I returned to my table to find Seth and Brandon were joined by a man named George. George is a guy that you would expect to find at a strip bar, drinking his 7 and seven thinking it makes him more attractive and intelligent. To me though he was just another bumbling idiot that reminded me why there should be an application for people to breed. George happens to be seated next to me at this table and takes the opportunity to make things as uncomfortable as possible by asking a simple question. “Do I have good arms for a man my age? Go ahead feel them!” He says as he is trying to flex his rather thin arms. As I stare in the face of this balding middle aged man who has a wondering eye flexing his arm trying to match his masculinity against my own I say. “George, I don’t swing that way. But thanks” I then hear the laugh that will haunt my nightmares for decades to come. It was something that he had to have practiced for years. This laugh was half chuckle and half cartoon demon laughing; I still can’t decide which it really is. Seth was kind enough to take George’s mind off of me before I said something rude, which was fine with me because this freed me up to notice all the disgusting things going on for a dollar.

Strippers have no shame when you pull out a one dollar bill. They will shove their boobs in your face, shake their butt and do just about anything you ask short of fucking you. Seth had attracted the attention of one of the titless girls who decided that she should dedicate her time to trying to siphon off our cash by sitting as close to Seth as possible. Seth having plenty of experience in strip bars doesn’t hesitate in capitalizing on this by pulling out a dollar. The look that crossed the strippers face was one of a child on Christmas morning eager to be allowed to posses their present. “I want you to shove your tits in Brandon’s face” Seth stated flatly to the girl who pulled her top down and proceeded to rub her chest on Brandon’s face. I say chest because when I say this girl had no boobs I mean literally she had nipples and a flat chest and nothing more. She finishes and like a puppy who just learned to pee outside she looks at Seth who presents her with her treat in the form of a greenback. This carried on for a couple of hours until the girl that I had told to come back when she had four boobs decided that I should be drunk enough to see four boobs. The problem was that I am used to drinking beer that is more beer and less water, so I was less than drunk by this point in time. I hear that raking voice “want to tip me yet?” I look at the girl who had more tit to offer than the one currently nestled next to Seth but hardly and say “sweet heart, either the beer isn’t working or you aren’t.” Again she was angered by my statement but to make her feel better I pulled a lone dollar bill out and her mood changed from outrage to “come fuck me” and I was now her favorite client. I give her the dollar and say “bye now” and turn to talk to Brandon who is currently laughing at the emotional roller coaster I had sent this poor girl on. So to be fair to the girl I decide I should explain why I dismissed her so quickly. “Listen honey, I don’t come here for you girls to get naked. I come here so you can put your clothes back on, now if you would please?” Then I ignore her again to the sound of rolling laughter both from my friends and the stripper now attempting to wiggle her way into Seth’s lap. It was close to closing time by now and the girl who called herself Willow decided that Seth should have her number and she his. Willow then produced her cell phone from somewhere hidden in a G string, my guess is she keeps it in her……uh “portable pocket” and asks Seth to input his number into her phone. So without hesitation Seth punches in a number and hands it to her and I realize that the look on his face meant that he had put in not his number but Brandon’s. Willow looks down at the glowing screen and announces that she is going to text Seth and that the name in the text will be her real name. He says ok but with a worried look on his face, to which I take the opportunity to try to communicate non-verbally to Brandon what was going on. Brandon is a bright fellow most of the time, but this night he was not. I look at him then down to his phone as Willow is saying she is going to text Seth and then I look at Seth, back to Brandon’s phone then mouth the words “be cool”. Brandon says out loud “what?” I can’t help him now I realize and say “never mind, sometimes you’re an idiot.” I love the guy to death but he doesn’t catch on when he needs too. Luckily Willow was called away to the stage at which time the three of us take the chance to leave before Willow could return and only then did I realize that George had disappeared. I look about to see George sitting at the edge of the stage with a dollar bill between his teeth shaking his head for a stripper to come take the dollar from him, and to my great delight it was the three hundred pound stripper that decided to take him up on that offer and amazingly George was thrilled it would seem.

I don’t know if Brandon ever got a text message or not, but I do know that I left that night knowing that I had gained nothing more than an appreciation for most of the girls I’ve dated in the past and a slight loathing for them too. They were never happy with just a dollar…. Maybe I should date a stripper and keep a stack of dollar bills lying around for when I take her outside.


  1. Hmmmm . . . let's see which one should I choose? Strip clubs where a dollar goes farther than I can, or a high dollar bar that sells various labels of single malt scotch at $25 per 2oz glass? I think I'll stick with the scotch, if you don't mind. Oh yeah, you don't have a bar in PCOK that vends such pleasures. Bites to be you! LOL

  2. As a person that's dated a strippers in my lifetime. Granted they tend to be low-maintenence, but the same daddy and selfesteem issues alot more present. Next time you have that urge, call me. We'll make it a road trip, good beer and boobs for all!!!!!! Great Blog had tears this time.

  3. Roy: I think the only bar that has decent Scotch is held in private residents. So yes I loath you for your trip down south.

    Samad: I promise that when I need to see some decent looking girls with low or no self esteem I will be sure to give you a call.

  4. Hey, listen bro! I got a good bottle of Belvanie in the stores, and I'm planning on adding a bottle of Macallan 18, so anytime you wanna head down to my neck of the woods, just give me a shout and we'll make a night of it!