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Valentine's Day, Incest and Dead Goats For All!

Valentines day, a day for lovers across the globe right? But how many really have looked into the history of this romantic day? This day, when lovers all around the world express their love for one another by exchanging cards with poems, flowers, candy, jewelry or other things. This day when it is nearly impossible to get a table at a restaurant if not reserved weeks in advance. reported that they estimate approximately 14.1 billion will be spent for this holiday in the U.S. Alone. This is an astronomical amount of money to tell your significant other that you care. Men will spend nearly double what women will and each woman reading this will think that is the correct and right thing to have happen. As a man I of course think it is total bullshit that we are expected to pay much more than our significant other. This issue of balance goes back to pre roman times though when it was expected that men be the bread winner and thus responsible for the monetary well being of the family. I won't rant about the issue of Women across the country screaming for equal rights and treatment and about how on this subject they amazingly stand silent and expect to be treated as more than equals. This is not the place where I scream INJUSTICE, or poor me that I am expected to show my appreciation and love for someone I care about by a percentage based upon the expected expenditures of the one I love. In fact on the contrary I feel the opposite when I do spend funds on one I am in a committed relationship with. In short I like buying stuff for my girlfriend. I will come back to this later on in the blog and explain my thoughts on the actions of Valentines Day.

Let's take a look at the history of this cute, cuddly warm butterfly stomach filled holiday. It's all about INCEST! ! ! ! Yep, go take a look back at the history before the roman church proclaimed it a day of appreciation. To save a lot of retyping I am pulling the bellow information from and references are available on that site to support all information bellow.

Valentine was a common Roman name given to the name of their children in honor of the famous man who was first called Valentine in antiquity, Lupercus ("he who wards off the wolf") the hunter, a god associated with the Roman god Faunus and the goddess Fauna.
The Greeks called Lupercus or Faunus by the name of Pan. The Semites called Pan by the name Baul, another name for Nimrod, "the mighty hunter" (Book of Genesis 10:9). A common proverb of ancient time was that Nimrod was "the mighty hunter before the Lord" and their hero and their strong man. The original Valentine was Nimrod, the mighty hunter of wolves. Another of Nimrod's names was Sanctuc or Santa, meaning Saint.[citation needed]
The Romans acquired the symbol of the heart from the Babylonians. In the Babylonian language, the word for heart was bal. The heart - bal - was merely a symbol of Nimrod - the Baal or Lord of the Babylonians.
Nimrod was also known as Saturn, the Roman-Babylonian god who hid from his pursuers in a secret place. The Latin word Saturn is derived from the Semitic-speaking Babylonians, means "be hid," "hide self", "secret", or "conceal". The original Semitic (Hebrew) word is "Sathar," also "sether").
According to ancient tradition, Saturn (Nimrod) fled from his pursuers to Italy. The Appenine Mountains of Italy were anciently named the mountains of Nembrod or Nimrod. Nimrod briefly hid out at the site where Rome was later built. The ancient name of Rome, before it was rebuilt in 753 B.C. was Saturnia, the site of Saturn's (Nimrod's) hiding, where he was found and slain for his crimes. Christians in Constantine's day made Nimrod a saint of the Roman Catholic Church and continued to honor him as a Christian martyr.
The Romans chose February 15 and the evening of February 14 to honor Lupercus -- in ancient times began at sunset the evening before -- because Nimrod -- Baal or sun god of the pagans - was said to have been born at the winter solstice. In ancient time the solstice occurred on January 6 and his birthday therefore was celebrated on December 25 and now called Christmas. It was the custom of antiquity for, the mother of a male child to present herself for purification on the fortieth day after January 6, now celebrated by Christians as Epiphany. Nimrod's original birth date takes us to February 15, the celebration of which began on the evening of February 14, the Lupercalia or St. Valentine's Day. On this day in February,Semiramis, the mother of Nimrod, was said to have been purified and to have appeared for the first time in public with her son as the original "mother and child."
The Roman month February derives its name from the februa which the Roman priests used in the rites celebrated on St. Valentine's Day. The febru were thongs from the skins of sacrificial animals used in rites of purification on the evening of February 14.
Another name for the child Nimrod was "Cupid", meaning "desire". It is said that when Nimrod's mother saw him, she lusted after him. Nimrod became Semiramis's Cupid. So evil was Nimrod's mother that it is said she married her own son. Inscribed on the monuments of ancient Egypt are inscriptions that Nimrod (the Egyptians called him Osiris) was "the husband of his mother."
As Nimrod grew up, he became the child-hero of many women who desired him. In the Book of Daniel, he is called the "desire of women" (Daniel 11:37). Moffatt translates the word asTammuz, a Babylonian name of Nimrod. He provoked so many women to jealousy that an idol of him was often called the "image of jealousy" (Ezekiel 8:5). Nimrod, the hunter, was also their Valentine. The pagans commemorated their hero-hunter Nimrod, or Baal, by sending heart-shaped love tokens to one another on the evening of February 14 as a symbol of him. Nimrod, the son of Cush the Ethiopian, was later a source of embarrassment to the pagans of Europe, not wanting to worship an African. They later substituted a supposed son of Nimrod, a child named Horus, born after the death of Nimrod. This child then became a "Cupid" of European culture and tradition.

This all is pre-dating the Roman empire rule and Roman Catholic church as well. So where did St. Valentine come from? Well that is simple really, there were a bunch of Valentine's around at that time. Though the church points to a couple men, first of which is Valentine of Rome, the other is Valentine of Terni. Rome was martyred in AD 269, Terni became Bishop of Interamna in AD 197. There is a note of a Valentine being martyred on February 14 in Africa with a number of companions but little else is known of him or if his death had any impact on the validation of this holiday. It is worth noting that the Lupercalia Festival was held on February 15th when sacrificial offerings were made in hopes of averting evil spirits and purifying the city bring fertility throughout. Goats and dogs were often the animal slaughtered to appease the gods of ancient Rome.

Now we know a little about where the Holiday was birthed and how screwed up it is that we can take a day used to celebrate Nimrod\Cupid\Horus\Osiris and his mother, incestuous as their relationship might have been and as evil as that might be, or that this holiday was based on killing animals in the hopes that killing shit would bring about fertility in people and lands. Which if you think about it makes perfect sense right?..... no, you're right. It doesn't make any sense at all. Maybe if you were into having sex with your mom at the age of forty days it might, but to me it's just a fucked up idea.

If we move forward in time to the dark ages we will find that this time of year was used for judging assholes who treated women badly. (Not a bad idea if you ask me)This is the birth of where the poems and greeting cards come from. February 14, 1400 the High Court of love was created in Paris. This was a time when love contracts, betrayals and violence against women were settled. Judges were selected by the women based upon submission of poems. Whoever had the best poem would preside over the hearings. So this is the basis of where we get our modern day Hallmark greeting card saying “Roses are red violets are blue, I hate valentine's and so do you.” Or something like that. It then became popular for those who were lacking in the area of communications to purchase a poem written by another for his love. So Hallmark came around and slapped a high price tag on a piece of paper with a heart that looks nothing like the organ we have pumping life giving blood through our bodies and tells us it is what we need to give on top of jewelry to our lover to show we actually care. (yes I am speaking from a man's point of view, get over it.)

So what have we learned, let's recap shall we? Valentine was a common name given to children. It is believed to have started with a great hunter from biblical or Babylonian times named either Nimrod(which I find funny because when I think of Nimrod I think of a stupid person. This translates to me in saying that if you are a fan of this holiday you are an idiot. Just a fun morsel to chew on while you continue to read.) or Horus, Osiris and later became Cupid who was so loved and adored by his mother, she fell in love and wanted to have fucked up incestuous sex with him. That had to screw with his head, I know it is screwing with mine as I wrap my brain around the idea that this holiday started out by something that is illegal in most civilized societies. It was a festival to kill animals and pray that things would be fertile, a time when judges were elected by poems and Hallmark fucked us little guys... wait that part is still going on.

So what are my thoughts on this holiday? Well I am of the opinion that if you need a holiday recognized by the government to tell you when you should tell that special someone you care, you should be ashamed. People are worth more than just one day a year. We should learn to show we care more than just when the holidays come around, besides don't you guys know that if you randomly bring home flowers or mail a letter or card to your woman for no reason you have a much higher chance of getting sex that night? Not saying that if your man randomly sends you something nice or brings home flowers that he is expecting to get laid. But that thought does cross every guys mind at some point, be it when they are pulling into the driveway after purchasing a necklace he knew she liked or when he got the idea of buying said necklace. Sex is always on guys minds, and I will be the first to admit that one.

Anyway what it boils down too for me is that I disagree with the Holiday as a whole, it is based now on something that is trying to be good. For some this works, but the history of the holiday just ruins it for me. I also disagree that this is a holiday that the government and business profit from by about fourteen billion dollars this year alone. So to close this out. Fuck Valentine's Day, you should buy your wife something nice because she puts up with your ass, and not just once a year buddy.

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  1. I didn't buy my fiance anything this year. I figured I spent 4 figures on a cruise with her, that I don't get to see till the end of May. I feel like I'm covered till Christmas. Btw way, where's the new blog?