Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jesus Has Enough Fans, Stop Asking Me To Be One!

I enjoy facebook, many of us use this as a tool to stay in touch with those who we would otherwise normally loose contact with. This software and others like it have opened up the world to each of us. Pen palls have gone the way of the dinosaur, being replaced by Facebook friends, Myspace buddies, Bebo connections and so on. These platforms have evolved in the last couple of years to include some of the most ignorant stupid fucks on the face of the planet. Everyone from me to Chuck Norris has a “page” to call their own, on a side note Mr. Norris just turned seventy a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it, and I’m sure there are some of you now wondering why I know who Chuck Norris is. I will leave that a mystery easily solved if you look at my childhood upbringing of oxymorons. Facebook has now become the largest form of video gaming in the world, it has more people “playing” games than any Xbox, Playstation or Wii ever could. If you enjoy Farmville on facebook like 83,163,740 other users monthly, you are part of the “gamer” world. Don’t even try to justify this and say Farmville is not a video game; it is by every definition of the term. I am not here to talk about how if I get one more request to play Farmville I might just stab someone with an ink pen or suffocate them with fingertip moistener (trust me, I could kill someone with fingertip moistener. I watched Chuck Norris movies as a kid.) I am here to visit about another section of interest to so many of us use on facebook. It is the “Become a fan of” option. I recently was sent a request asking me to become a “fan” of the page “I bet Jesus can break the record for most fans on Facebook”. Those of you who know me wouldn’t dare send this to me for fear of retaliation in the form of post on your wall regarding the similarities to the Christian mythology and the religious views of torture, murder and violation of human rights perpetrated by the radical Islamic society. Trust me this person received their just reward for “spreading the good news” to me. To start with, this page has a logo of a Non-Jewish Jesus which looks more like a white hippy than a zealot figure that started a religion which nearly destroyed the Middle East and still threatens to send us back to the dark ages instead of an intellectual free thinking modern world. Beyond the idea that they are miss-representing the Jesus of the bible (which is a bad enough start); they go on to setup a page for people to become fans of a man who claimed to be the son of the Hebrew god. Jesus caused mayhem in the Middle East, supported the oppression of slaves and believed the Old Testament writings were law and should be upheld, participated in animal sacrifices and died as a criminal. I’ve spent some time reading the comments on the fan page and it is a breading ground for two distinct groups. The first is the right wing Christians who want to pat each other on the back for knowing they have the world figured out by saying that the bible is the answer to everything. The second is the racist idiots that are attempting to stir up a reaction from those on the site attempting to tell each other how much Jesus loves them because they love Jesus and how the world is just perfect. Both of these groups are sadly mistaken in their retaliation against one another. I have read more aggression and hatred on this fan page than really anything else. Sure there are those that are happy to just say “Jesus loves you” and move on, but more often than not I am seeing dividing lines that religion so often brings. This saddens my very being. The fact that some can be so audacious as to claim that this man whom over half the world believes was either a simple man (not a god) or a criminal could and should have more “fans” than anyone else is simply sick. Why can’t people simply be a fan of an ideal, the hope of world peace, or a fan of not getting herpes from your girlfriend of four years who you think is cheating on you. How about “become a fan of not living under a religious false hope that a dead man will save your eternal soul and assist in bringing about an apocalypse”. Hell, I would be happy for a simple “become a fan of air” page instead of this nonsense.

Here is something to think about, if what you have read here upsets you, makes you angry. That I would be arrogant enough to post something like this infuriates you. Why is it that you aren’t upset that there are fan pages of Islamic leaders and prophets? Or at least that the same passion you feel about what I’ve said to be in some peoples minds as blasphemy be projected towards something else in the world, like the people who are being taken advantage of in Haiti? Or the squandering of taxpayers money on pointless bills being passed in Kansas to prohibit smoking in public without anyway to enforce or punish offenders instead of using that money to invest into the education system and thus into children’s future? Why is it people get offended over religion more than the true welfare of their children? These are questions that I pose simply in hopes that you evaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Please stop “becoming fans” of pointless pages and take some action in life to better the world. Jesus has enough fans that are constantly asking for more people to become fans. They are called preachers! The world has enough religious fans, and not enough fans of helping educate the youth so they can carry on the research that will one day cure cancer. Just remember, gods don’t kill people, people with gods kill people. Think about that…. Fucking great, just got a “become a fan of the bible” request. Now I have to go tell this person they are a fucking idiot inbred ignorant fucktard. I will write again soon.