Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Return of... ME

For those of you who happen across this page and see the time gap since my last post I want say thank you for reading. It has been far to long since my last outing on this site and I must say it feels good to rant again. For some time I felt I needed to find my voice, something that would allow people to better understand my sense of humor. After a while I simply stopped writing here, but after much consideration and an impossible attempt to channel my well of sarcasm into other forms I have come to realize that nothing fits me quite like writing. With this in mind I have a new topic today, far from my previous rants on religion and holiday's. Again thank you for reading and please enjoy.



Life here in America and around the world has been altered and irrevocably forced down a path of self isolated inter connectivity by means of that evil beast Social Networking. I've spoke before to the point of becoming more isolated by living with Facebook, so I feel no need to return to this topic. One of the more interesting things to come of this is the phenomenon of reconnecting with those lost friends from days gone by. From a time when we were without Facebook, MySpace, bing, LinkedIn and all the other sources that now tie us together in a beautiful mess called humanity.

 I, like many of you have woke early on many occasions having that strange urge to pop into Facebook, with coffee in mug I set out to see what all my interesting friends are venturing into for the day. On some of these occasions a little pop-up displays a notification of pursued friendship, if you are like most you accept right away and email the requester asking questions about life, family and the lot. BUT, if you are like me you let that request linger, sip the steaming coffee in mug allowing the brew to stimulate your senses. Mulling it over, this simple request "So in so wants to be your friend". You sometimes let it fester, dance in your thoughts to the point that it becomes a bit stalker-ish. I find myself gazing at the name, whether known or forgotten I tend to ponder, I plot, waiting for the right moment to seize the power that rest in the tip of my finger. Yes, for a moment I play God to the requester, unbeknownst to them, their request, their prayer for approval, their desperate plea for acceptance hangs suspended in time and space by my thoughtful consideration. Do I accept without first investigating? Do I wait to see if a follow up email comes explaining their request? Do I simply choose to go the way of so many deities and choose silence in the matter of the request posed before me. Yes, those who request of me be wary and make known my benevolence and know my wrath. Know I am just and fair in accepting those who come before me. Be humbled and request meekly the friendship offered by my acceptance. Tremble in fear of rejection, know I am a jealous and vengeful being who judges those who come before him by rules lain down by no other aside me!

      I savor the moments just before I cast my final decision, the moment of truth at hand I weigh the possibilities and probabilities of friendship. What do I stand to gain? What do I stand to loose? Who really is this person requesting my interaction? How will they respond to my acceptance? Joy, thoughtful response, caring thank you's? Will they be overcome with memories of the past or possible future to the point of tears? Moments pass and still I hover, waiting, thinking, pondering. Do I accept this olive branch and gain a new line of communication? Or do I crush them, rejecting their advances of friendship and forever making it known that I care not for them and have cast them aside for others I find more worthy?

     Yes, yes I will accept, I will allow this person into my world, my madness, my realm of chaos! Welcome, welcome to my domain! Sit and join me, sup at my table and praise my mercy for allowing you to join my inner circle. We will email, we will laugh and make merry! But, under this superficial revery lurks my inner demon, my need to spread misery! I have accepted this friendship just to delete it in a mere week! Yes I have accepted the friendship with every intent to cast it away the moment they think "I've reconnected with an old friend". The moment they think so much has not changed, that I have remained the same, untouched by the ravages of time. Little do you know that here lies a man beset with power, power granted by the gods of technology! Power to crush those all around me with a single click of a mouse! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    What??? You don't do this? Hmmmm, it's a great game when your bored and you receive a random Facebook friend request from people you haven't talked to since high school who even then weren't really your friends.

Welcome Back Friends!

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  1. Great to have you back. this is rustin