Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Update:

       Just in case anyone has been wondering where I’ve been lately, I wanted to stop in and give you a quick update. I’ve been hard at work on creating a series of short stories of which the first will be posted very soon. I’m in the editing phase and hope to have the short story available within a week.

      This will be a multi-part interconnected story about travelers who happen upon a small town called Lethe. Sins will be brought to light and the town’s true purpose will be revealed by the end of the series. These stories will all feed off one another, but it will not be necessary to read them all to enjoy them independantly from each other. The events all take place in the same time frame and the characters might actually bump into one another.

Now for a bit on what’s coming.

The River is rising….

      In a quiet town nestled along the Lethe River something is stirring. When the river rises forcing closed the town’s only bridge, travelers take up lodging at the only motel in town. Something is stirring and the travelers have its attention…… Fear what hears your prayers, for it knows your sins.

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