Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I suppose I owe you an update. At least the three of you that read this blog.


     Turns out that work was overly busy and I’m easily distracted by shiny new things. I have been slowly making progress on both the Lethe series and the Halloween tale (which I will now just call a ghost story). They have come a long way from the small little idea they both once were and I’ve destroyed more text than I can count. To say its maddening is to put it mildly, but this is something I do in my spare time for fun. If it isn’t fun or if I’m not enjoying writing I tend to simply delay instead of putting out crap. Well worse crap than I’m already producing. I do still plan on releasing these in episodic pieces which means I should have the next piece done in the next…… well when it’s done. Being episodic brings up another issue though, to keep this up I will have to make some changes to the story that I hadn’t intended when I started this. This means I have had to do some serious rewrites to the story I had already laid out. I wanted to make three or four short horror stories all linked to this town in Wyoming and the monstrous things that live there, all happening on the same day. In theory it was great, I had hoped to interweave these stories to a point that if you read more than one you would notice things happening that also took place at the same time but from a different point of view with a previously written short story.

     There are many things to answer that started in the first story of our swindling salesman which will be answered in the future. Some of these will be answered in the upcoming story of Xander and Melanie during their quest to follow their Fire God. Hell will be found in Lethe, and hell is a cold place. Beyond the surface of what you read lay a lot of writing and notes and scribbled thoughts coalescing into a living world of monsters, evil deeds and hideous people. Lethe has held my hand and led me through its cold dark streets. A hero has yet to emerge in our tale, but perhaps one will rise from the murky depths of Lethe. The river is rising and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

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