Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just a small update:

To My Readers

To say it’s been a busy couple months would be an understatement. Not only have I accomplished something I never thought I might do, but also ended up traveling and working far more than I had ever intended. What does that mean for the story of Lethe? In short it means that I am behind on writing, don’t worry I have been writing as I can and do have a pretty solid outline of how to get to the end and still make my release schedule. I still plan on releasing a new short story in August for Lethe, I also have in the works a Halloween story for children (which will happen, I promise) along with a ghost story for adults. All this and I still have a full time job to attend to. 

As for the events that have kept me busier than I expected? I had the great honor to officiate a marriage recently, I went through the process to be registered and ordained as an interfaith minister for the sole purpose to wed a couple of dear friends of mine. The wedding was great, they had done an amazing job setting everything up on their own. When it came time for the ceremony to take place I think I was more nervous than they were. I had the knees shaking nervous twitches of a high school kid giving a speech in front of the entire school without pants on. In the end they both said their I do’s and no one killed me for stumbling over a few words. The other thing that has kept me away from writing has been work. I hold many hats in my company, I am a projects manager who also happens to be the only person in the entire company who has any experience in refinery or industrial plant services. What that means to anyone who cares is that I end up traveling to a lot of sales bids for my company as a consultant for both safety and production rates and end up sitting in a lot of meetings and building a lot of spreadsheets to explain how long it will take an employee to do a job and how many employees a company would need to do the entire task requested. There have been many late nights and long conversations over dinner as well as far to many emails being sent regarding the latest contract my bosses are attempting to sign. 

All that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy on the writing front. In fact I have actually submitted two stories in contest which I should be hearing if I made the final cut. I also submitted Lethe and The Driver And The Mist into Writerscafe.org, which is playing host to a couple of other contest being held there as well. I received an email from one of the moderators of one of the contest letting me know that I was in the finals for that particular contest which got me very excited. Needless to say, that I haven’t forgotten my promise of new content and further adventures in Lethe. Hopefully in the next few weeks a preview of the next story will be available on here. 

In fact here is a small taste of what’s to come. 
“The shadows in the canyon watched the couple leave, their hunger paining them. Their milky white glowing eyes recoiled at the lights from the Jeep causing them to scurry for the shadows in fear and pain. As the Jeep turned the shadows watched and waited, knowing another would come, one they could feed on, one they could keep. The night was theirs and the night had just begun.”

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